Care and Maintenance

  • When removing dust on the lens surface, use a soft cloth or oil-free brush.
  • When removing stains or smudges, like fingerprints, from the lens surface, wipe the lens very gently with a soft, clean cotton cloth or quality oil-free lens tissue. Use a small quantity of pure alcohol to wipe stubborn smudges. Do not use velvet cloth or ordinary tissus, as it may scratch the lens surface. Once the cloth has been used for cleaning the body, it should not be used again for the lens surface.
  • The device is sophisticated with optical, mechanical and electrical components,. Please handle with care. Never extrud or fall off from high place in case of damage.
  • Never point the product at yourself or othe human's eyes in case of harmed.
  • Rain, water, sand and mud should be removed from the rangefinder body surface as soon as possible, using a soft, clean, dry cloth.
  • Although the laser rangefinder is water and dust resistant, it is not waterproof and should not be used in water.

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