Trouble Shooting

1. If the unit does not turn on, and LCD does not display. Please check batteries status and battery contacted properly. Replace with brand new battery.

2. If the unit does not display the measureing range, check step by step as below:

No Display Can not measure Only Short Distance
1. Check the polarity of the battery is correct Be sure yoy have already push the transmitting button (press button once to turn power on, press button next time to start measure the distance) Maybe the aim circle points are not correctly to the object.
2. Check the battery is powered. Be sure the inner LCD got display Maybe you have measured the front object when you measure a small object in far distance.
3. Please push the power button more hardly to make it be connected Check if something block the object lens. Use two hands to hold the rangefinder more stability for far distance measure  in case of hand shaking.
4. Replace with brand new batteries. When measure low reflectivity object, please continuous trigger the transmitting button until it come to a result. If it still not measure, the object may too far and over unit measure performance. It's not easy to measure in heave fogs, smoke, dirt enviroment.
  The object is closer than 15 meter. The reflectivity of object surface at very bad condition.. Try different object beside your target.

3. If the unit still does not work properly, contact your local dealer or us for technical support


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